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Manage and Mobilize

Organize your CTAs: Create dedicated landing pages for your campaigns with CTAs for petitions, donations, events, social sharing and more.
Seamless Integrations: Connect with Instagram, TikTok, Control Shift Labs,, ActBlue among others. Let users take action directly from your pages.
Custom CTAs: Design your own CTAs with customizable forms for specific asks.
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Boost Engagement and Participation

Gamified Advocacy: Motivate your community with points, leaderboards, and time-based challenges.
Increased Activity: Encourage member engagement with check-ins, referrals, and notifications.
Reward and Recognize: Create digital rewards redeemable with points, boosting morale and participation.
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Data-Driven Decisions and Growth

Actionable Insights: Track views, conversions, and new members at the CTA, page, and organization level.
Data Powerhouse: Download reports, automate data integrations with CRMs and data warehouses.
Community Expansion: Allow users to opt-in for updates and automatically invite them to your pages.
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Build a Stronger Community

Social Engagement: Foster interaction with built-in messaging features on each page.
Influencer Outreach: Design custom pages for influencers, creators, celebrity allies to share with their networks.
Colaborative Wins: Reward all members for achieving campaign milestones, promoting cooperation and community spirit.

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